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We have released a new teeth whitening system.

New whitening methods

Teeth whitening in the past often caused sensitive teeth and gums. We provide the latest in instant teeth whitening techniques at our clinic. We use a method of teeth whitening and offer different packages for your requirements.

Please make sure you tell us how white you want your teeth and we will tell you which package will best serve your needs.

One hour whitening

Teeth whitening at our clinic involves coming in to the clinic in the London area for a complimentary consultation with our cosmetic dentist. There are many ways in which you can improve the health and appearance of your teeth; whitening, veneers, braces.

Together we will discuss your options and you may decide to have your teeth whitened in the clinic. Within one hour we can have your smile brightened with our latest system of whitening. We will want to see you a week later to check the results are being maintained and if you need a top up at that time we can offer a complimentary boost.

We offer the best one hour power teeth whitening treatments using the latest technology. Powerful treatments can be performed in the cosmetic dental clinic and more gentle treatments can be performed at home with our takeaway teeth whitening home kits.

In-Surgery Advanced Tooth Whitening is performed using custom made teeth whitening trays and heat. The treatment takes about one hour and we see immediate results.


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